| 3 February 2023, Friday |

Who are the candidates for the Lawyers’ Association?

Nine candidates are preparing to contest the Beirut Lawyer Association elections on November 21.

It is the first elections after the calm of the October 17 revolution in the street, and everyone is asking, will the result of this election be similar to the elections of the Engineers Syndicate, which stripped the parties of their seats?

The parties have not announced their public support for any candidate, and they are watching from a distance and dealing with caution with this entitlement, and they are concerned that the candidate supporting them does not lose.

Who are the most likely candidates?

The picture that has crystallized so far shows that the Free Patriotic Movement supports the candidate Fadi Barakat for the position of captain, Marwan Jabr and Shadi Rashid for the council.

The Lebanese Forces support Abdo Lahoud as captain and Maya Al-Zaghrini of the council
Amal movement supports Shufi Shreim and Hezbollah Farouk Hammoud

As for the October 17 revolutions, it supports: Saeed Alama and Hussein Saleh

As for the Naqib Center, the two candidates, Nader Kaspar and Alexander Najjar, have good relations with all lawyers, but the first is almost supported by President Nabih Berri and the second is the Kataeb Party.

  • Sawt Beirut International