| 3 March 2024, Sunday |

Who is going to save us from the so-called “Salvation Government”?

Conflicts erupted in Ukraine…and crises keep hitting Lebanon! Explosions are hitting Ukraine… and humiliation worse than war in Lebanon! In Ukraine, military columns stretching for kilometers advance the Russian army towards Kyiv… while in Lebanon, automobile lineups have resumed in front of gas stations, over and over again! What applies to gas stations also applies to bakeries and retail establishments.

Is it reasonable for Lebanese to feel worry if they hear a rumor or understand that there is a worldwide crisis whose shards may harm them in some way? Yes, and in a normal country, people’s conduct would be regarded undesirable and a form of hysteria. People’s actions in Lebanon is warranted. He does not trust his government and does not believe that people in charge of it, including presidents, ministers, and deputies, are qualified to do so.

That is why he gets terrified anytime he detects a catastrophe approaching… even if the crisis is in Ukraine! Conversely, successive governments do nothing practical or desirable to eliminate this notion.

The world has been seeing the threat of war in Ukraine for more than a month. What preventative precautions did the Lebanese government take to avert the consequences of the war? Have you looked for another wheat supplier, for example? Never before has it been investigated, despite the fact that Ukrainian wheat accounts for 70% of Lebanon’s wheat consumption!

Have you discussed, for example, how Lebanon can boost its reserves of gasoline, diesel fuel and other oil derivatives? Never too. The evidence is that the existing stock is no longer sufficient for more than five days! Is this a country that respects itself and its people? Is Najib Mikati’s government able to save Lebanon from its accumulated and intractable crises, after it proved incapable even of managing a crisis like the one we are experiencing today?

In summary, a government banded together to rescue one of Lebanon’s most failing administrations, and its ministers are among the worst. Will someone save us from them before it’s too late?

  • Sawt Beirut International