| 20 April 2024, Saturday |

Who is the golden tourist?

Tourist package from here, discounts from there to cover the tourist stagnation period on Christmas and New Year’s Eve, in order to save the crisis situation.
The bet focuses on the festive period to bring in as many dollars as possible, and to postpone the great collapse. The atmosphere is ambigous. The Gulf tourist is gone and will not return, and the European tourist is detained by Corona and slows down to visit a country that lives on the crater of a volcano, and half of the expatriates are preparing to come in the election season, so that the holidays this year will be limited to whom already here, the golden tourist, i.e. the Iraqi tourist.
Moreover, Lebanese artists began signing contracts to revive concerts in Egypt and Dubai, which means that concerts decreased locally, and data indicate that many institutions are waiting for the end of the holidays to take the bitter decision: either continue to stand firm or close.
It is the last warning. If the holiday season fails, no one will be able to restrain the dollar, which touched the 25,000 pounds. So calm down, you merchants of politics, out of mercy for what is left, so that you do not say after that: If we knew, and you already know.