| 17 April 2024, Wednesday |

Who is the winner in the Bar Association: the revolution, authority, or opposition parties?

What happened in the Order of Engineers wasn’t likely to happen in the Bar Association, says one of the observers.

The victory of one of the candidates of “Our Syndicate” or what they called “the confrontation presidents” is almost impossible in a union that has its right-wing peculiarity, adding to it the fragmentation of the opposition revolution forces in their support for one candidate.

The slogan “Revolution, Revolution” was not heard at the Palace of Justice after the victory of President Caspar, as we heard it after the victory of President Melhem Khalaf. The absence of this slogan made all parties except the Lebanese Forces and the Progressive Socialist Party adopt the new president for their own benefit.

But who won with Caspar’s victory: the opposition parties, the ruling authority, or the revolution?

Would the results have changed if the candidate Alexandre Najjar had not withdrawn?

But, it is weird that a Bar Association that women represent more than 50 percent of it, the women got one seat only, while in Tripoli Bar Association, the woman has become the president.

It remains for people to observe the performance of the two presidents in the matter of freedoms, the port probe, and the independence of the judiciary.

  • Sawt Beirut International