| 3 December 2022, Saturday |

Who will save the “LU” from the clutches of Hell?

A systematic infernal plan pursued by the authority to dispel the remnants of the Lebanese National University. Screams have been louder for several years, but they still echo in the empty corridors of the rulers’ palaces.

The budget of the Lebanese University deteriorated. After it was 320 million dollars annually, it became 250 million dollars annually, to finally settle on 15 million dollars annually.

Najib Mikati’s government did not move a finger about this vital file before it became a caretaker government, and it did not even want to let Al-Watan University escape its clutches. The Lebanese state is still oscillating between the whims of the parties that control it and their aspirations for it. Several demands are sought by the contracting professors, including the entry of the owners, especially since the Minister of Works in the caretaker government, Ali Hamiyah, who is affiliated with Hezbollah, entered the owners last week and kept 3,000 professors on the sidelines of the wait. Who has compassion on the university of the homeland, whose cultural identity has changed, as everything in this unfortunate country?

  • Sawt Beirut International