| 27 May 2024, Monday |

Who will secure dollars for fuel imports after lifting subsidies?

Minister of Social Affairs Hector Hajjar confirmed that the ministry has continued working with the ministerial committee, which includes the Prime Minister Najib Mikati, Ministers of Finance Youssef Khalil and Economy and Trade Amin Salam, in order to set the mechanism and norms of applying the ration card.

Early this month, the Former Minister of Social Affairs, Ramzi Mousharrafiya, has released the ration card, stating that registration on the platform is supposed to start on September 15.

Hajjar has announced that the ration card would be launched through a press conference after signing the mechanism and after obtaining State Shura Council’s opinion.

After lifting subsidies on fuel imports, who will be responsible for securing the dollars to import this vital commodity?

Will the Central Bank continue opening credit lines for oil importers, or will the latter be responsible for importing directly and for securing the liquidity in fresh dollars?

To inquire more about this issue, we contacted a member of the Oil Importing Companies Association, Maroun Chammas.

  • Sawt Beirut International