| 3 August 2021, Tuesday |

Why a water carrier in Raouche attempted suicide several times?

A man who sells water bottles in Raouche is struggling to secure a decent life for his family, and this has drove him several time to commit suicide.

The man conveys his gloomy story to Sawt Beirut International (SBI) reporter Rabih Shantaf, saying: “I have seven daughters that I work for, but I am being harassed by the security forces.” He added If I was selling drugs or if I was the son of an official, no one would attack me.

The man added, “My wife is not registered in the Register office of Civil Status, and my daughters do not have an Identity card. My eldest daughter is 13 years old, and I need a lawyer to register them in the civil status registry office.”

The man pointed out that the security forces cannot arrest the corrupted rulers who stole the country, but they rather practice their power on weak people like me.

“I attempted suicide several times because I was banned from selling water bottles,” he said.

The man added that he sells the water bottle at a price of 1,000 LBP, although he bears the expenses of cooling it.  He lives in the Ouzai district, starting work from 7 am until midnight.

The water carrier hopped he would emigrate from Lebanon, and said: “We have become a body without a soul in this country.”