| 26 May 2024, Sunday |

Why do they want to get rid of the Megacenter, and put the expatriate’s votes under control?

The ruling authority has attempted to exclude expatriates, and now it is trying to get rid of the megacenters, that allow citizens to vote outside the area of their registration.

The 2017 election law stated that the biometric card and the megacenters shall exist to ensure transparency in the elections.

Both these proposals were not adopted in the last elections, and the results came as expected. Today there is an attempt to exclude these proposals again, especially the megacenter, which gives candidates a margin to free themselves from the partisan pressures they face in villages and towns that are subject to partisan influence.

So, MegaCenter terrifies the ruling authority knowing that the Amal movement and Hezbollah were the spearhead in confronting it and bringing it down in the last elections to keep the Shiite voter’s under complete control.

As for this time, it is in the interest of all the political forces to get rid of the megacenter, amid the decline in the popularity of these forces, and because the centers will contribute in raising the participation rate in elections.

The second horror comes from overseas and is represented by the uprising of expatriates.

Human rights sources close to the Elections Supervisory Authority are afraid of appointing a legislative session on the pretext of looking into the articles of the election law, specifically the amendment of the clause on allocating 6 parliamentary seats for expatriates. The session is being used to introduce fundamental amendments to the law and make it suitable for the ruling parties.

Everything is possible with this authority, even overthrowing the parliamentary elections.

  • Sawt Beirut International