| 1 December 2022, Thursday |

Why won’t Bassil nominate Mikati to head next government?

As the political forces prepare for the executive authority’s entitlement, starting with naming a new prime minister, after the legislative authority’s contract is completed, maneuvers aimed at burning names, observing settings, or luring offers in a mutual bazaar of names. And if the form of the government ranges between two demands, the first set by Hezbollah and its allies, which is a government of national unity, and the second set by the opposition sovereign forces, which is a majority government, it remains first to decide the name of the designated president, and so far Najib Mikati is still the most fortunate, although he tried to show his lack of enthusiasm to assume responsibility again, on the basis of “he already knows his chances are high”
If Mikati was a consistent consensual candidate, especially in the camp of Hezbollah and its allies, then the words of the head of the Free Patriotic Movement, Gibran Bassil, about his refusal to nominate Mikati, can only be interpreted as raising the ceiling of conditions in advance to obtain more gains in the government.
Bassil said that he would not name Mikati because he did not cooperate with him without specifying what, where and how Mikati did not cooperate. Perhaps what is meant by this is the file of judicial formations and the subject of changing the governor of the Banque du Liban and the commander of the army, as well as dropping the Selaata plant from the electricity plan. On the other hand, sources close to Mikati were astonished by Bassil’s words, considering that he was rather to say what are the limits of cooperation that he talked about. Is it the intention of cooperation stipulated in the constitution and working according to the ministerial statement, or cooperation of side agreements with this group or that, and asked why Bassil did not exercise his role In the accountability of the government and its head, under the dome of Parliament.
The new government will not be limited to the number of the few months in which it will undertake the executive procedures until the end of the term, but rather, in the possibility of it assuming the powers of the Presidency of the Republic and governance, in the event of a presidential vacuum, and here is the point.

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