| 22 February 2024, Thursday |

Wiam Wahhab’s whoredom, talk of the town.

Former Minister Wiam Wahhab is proud of his daughter Rein, a lawyer and athlete, and of Reeda, the 17-years-old. He is also proud of his son’s marriage, and that a new girl has joined the family.

The head of the Arab Unification Party admires the beauty of Russian and Ukrainian women, and relies on them to turn Lebanon into a country of prostitution.
In an interview on Al-Jadeed channel with the journalist Samar Bou Khalil, Wahhab said: “If we want a country of prostitution, let us bring  thousands of Russian and Ukrainian beautiful girls”

After the widespread criticism campaign against Wahhab, and after “the slap on the neck” the phrase that became famous in the Lebanese society, he posted on his Twitter account an explanation that his words were not intended to offend, as it was only in the framework of pointing out to the Russian beauty.”

The Russian ambassador is outside Lebanon, but nevertheless, this did not prevent the Russian embassy from being strongly dissatisfied with the words of the former minister, Wiam Wahhab, and asked for a clear stance, condemning what Wahhab said. For its part, The Ukrainian embassy as well, asked through a letter addressed to Wahhab, for a public apology from the Ukrainian people.”

Finally, to Wahhab we say, Lebanon is currently called a country of prostitution, thanks to its politicians and the ruling class, and the only way of transferring it into a decent country, is for its ruling class to leave.”