| 7 February 2023, Tuesday |

Will a safe free zone be formed in Lebanon from which Hezbollah will withdraw?

The countdown has begun, as after three days the Minister of Foreign Affairs Abdullah Bou Habib will carry Lebanon’s respond to the Gulf initiative that the Kuwaiti Foreign Minister brought to Beirut.

Bou Habib will deliver the answer in Kuwait before the meeting of the Council of Arab Foreign Ministers on January 30.

Sawt Beirut International sources indicated that the Lebanese have not yet imagined how to answer the item related to the implementation of Resolution 1559, and this may be linked to the dialogue called for by the President of the Republic and rejected by a large number of political poles.

At this time, sources close to the axis of resistance are speaking that Hezbollah considers that the initiative does not fall within the framework of an Arab desire to help Lebanon, but rather is placed within the framework of pressure, and it is reassured by the response of the Lebanese government.

Hence, the party remains silent, preferring to send indirect messages through the UNIFIL forces in the south, which have been subjected to a new attack by the people, as if to say: Resolution 1701 versus Resolution 1559.

On the Arab side, diplomatic sources reveal that the Gulf states should not give up any item of the initiative, and Resolution 1559 is at the forefront.

The sources reveal that Plan B is ready and begins with cutting relations and ends with the withdrawal of diplomatic missions and the cessation of financial transfers.

As for Washington, the expert in American foreign policy, Walid Fares, revealed that the most important project in the corridors of Congress today is forming of a safe free zone in Lebanon from which Hezbollah will withdraw and the economy will be activated from Beirut to the northern border, and it will be under the control of the army with international support, and it will be the first stage of implementing Resolution 1559.

So, the next three months before the elections are crucial.

  • Sawt Beirut International