| 15 April 2024, Monday |

Will disputes over appointments push Shiite duo to boycott Cabinet sessions?

A new political crisis emerged from the Cabinet in its last session, and its heroes this time were the President of the Republic and the government on one side, and the Shiite duo on the other side.

The crisis was represented by passing the appointment of two members of the military council from outside the agenda, knowing that the two deans appointed were from the officers graduated in 1994, which was halted as a result of President Berri’s refusal to pass it due to the sectarian imbalance in it.

Information indicated that Finance Minister Youssef Al-Khalil refused to sign a decree appointing the two members of the Military Council. This opens the door to bargains and settlements, and everything is possible. Will Berry blow the budget from inside his stadium in Nejmeh Square?

If a confidence crisis begins to loom between the Shiite duo and Mikati, which portends a new disruption to the cabinet sessions.

  • Sawt Beirut International