| 23 February 2024, Friday |

Will Firas Abyad confront the Hamad Hassan’s coup before leaving office?

Former Minister of Health, Hamad Hassan, left office after he blew the health sector completely.

After opening the Lebanese market’s door to importing all sorts of medicines, including Iranian and non-Iranian ones, the scandal came this time through giving illegal licenses for the manufacture of medicines.

There are twelve pharmaceutical laboratories in Lebanon. But Hassan, under the slogan of encouraging national industry, distributed suspicious licenses for factories, on favoritism basis, contrary to what the law stipulates.

Article 23 of Decree 12063 stipulates that the license should be subjected to a specialized committee, to give its opinion on each application and the extent to which it conforms to legal provisions.

But Hassan rejected all measures guaranteeing the quality of laboratories and medicines, and distributed them without accountability or oversight.
This license is for a factory in Juayya, Tire District, South Governorate. Signed by, Hamad Hassan

Resolution 709/1: A second license for a pharmaceutical factory in Taanayel region – Bekaa.

Resolution 155/1 A new license in Harisha area, Koura District.

This is another license in the Al-Ghassaniyah area in the South Governorate, and there is a license for a fifth factory in Qib Elias, and for a sixth factory as well.
The question is: Why haven’t these licenses pass the legal principles? Why marginalizing the committee and ignore its opinion?

The most dangerous of all, is that the drug manufacturing plant, has the legal right to the so-called, local packaging.

Any imported medicines, can be packaged in Lebanon. What’s frightening, is the introduction of pharmaceutical pills from doubtful references’ countries, such as Iran, Syria, and others, to be packed in Lebanon and become locally manufactured, and consequently be distributed at the pharmacies.

The question is, what is the purpose of manipulating the health of the Lebanese who have turned into a field of experiments.

Sawt Beirut International learned, that member of the Strong Republic bloc, George Okais, is about to submit judicial reviews to the Urgent Matters Judge, in order to stop this farce.

Minister of Health Firas Al-Abyad, is called today as well, to stop Hamad Hassan’s coup against the health system in Lebanon, and annul the licenses.
This is the first explosive file confronting the new minister, so, will he do it?