| 20 May 2024, Monday |

Will high school exams also be canceled?

The decision of the Minister of Education, Tariq Al-Majzoub, to cancel the Brevet exams permanently surprised the students, the professor and the parents, but what were the reasons that prompted him to do so? Was it health reasons or did political and economic fluctuations imposed this reality?

The cancellation of the Brevet exams is not due to a health reason, according to what the Director General of Education and Director of Guidance Guidance Hilda Khoury confirmed to “Sawt Beirut International” correspondent, Ghida Jebeli. She explained, “there was a withdrawal of the heads of the centers and the observers, so the minister did not want to take the risk, and that the ministry incur additional costs even though it was civilized at all levels, logistically, educationally, administratively and healthily”.

This decision reflected a state of panic and tension among high school students who are asking about the fate of their exams. Khoury explained, “The ministry is committed to the decision to hold the exams, as well as the associations and unions. I ask all students to focus on studying and not give importance to rumors.”

The exams are based on all the previous criteria, but as Khoury said, “We take into account the circumstances the country is going through, and we asked the officials to support the ministry. If we lose education, we lose everything.”

Facing this reality, comes the latest UNICEF report and its shocking indicators. The most prominent of which is that 3 percent of Lebanese children will, in one way or another, completely or partially, refrain from enrolling in schools in the next academic year, and a large portion of private school students will move to formal education, and a very large numbers of the qualified teachers will leave the country, others will refrain from teaching or resort to strikes due to the difficulty of securing the cost of moving to their workplaces.

  • Sawt Beirut International