| 27 May 2024, Monday |

Will Lebanon be without a cabinet till Michel Aoun’s mandate ends?

Are the latest developments simply a roadblock and the authorities will finally create a cabinet soon? Or that Major General Abbas Ibrahim’s governmental efforts ultimately failed? So yet, there has been no conclusive answer to this issue since the answer pertains solely to the Director General of General Security, who continues to avoid taking a final position on what occurred.True, he has not made any attempt to expand on it today, but he has also not expressed a desire to abandon his plan. In theory, this implies that the weekend will be used to reconsider ideas and identify the following stage’s directions. There are others who argue that the knot is caused by the lack of a genuine purpose on the side of the two parties to achieve an agreement.

Former Prime Ministers are coordinating with President Nabih Berri through Prime Minister Saad Hariri’s team, and an alliance has formed against him, consisting of the Future Movement, the Amal Movement, the Progressive Socialist Party, and the Marada Movement, among other forces, and Aoun does not want to surrender to this group or grant him certain concessions. Perhaps for this reason, Aoun favors the continuance of the existing government, on which he exercises ultimate control.

Aoun, who has a long and illustrious connection with Muhammad Fahmy, has no issues with the current performance of the Ministry of the Interior, just as Minister of Justice Marie Claude Najm’s choice is in his hands once the hour of truth arrives. These two ministries are critical in the legislative elections, which will take place in theory in seven months. Is this to say that there will be no new government until at least the end of Michel Aoun’s term?

  • Sawt Beirut International