| 19 April 2024, Friday |

Will nominations’ low profile be reflected on people’s enthusiasm for change?

Lebanese citizens are drowning daily in a sea of crises, while the authority is fortified with a life jacket trying to stand firm on the back of a “people” burdened by hunger and poverty.
The political parties’ priorities today, are to search for ways to gain more votes to win the elections, in return, the citizen’s priorities are to secure a livelihood and an electricity bill, after his voice was hoarsed, demanding for a decent life.
We headed to the street, to see if this people, tired of crises, are ready to vote on the fifteenth of next May.
The electoral machines of the parties are busy searching for new ways to attract votes, after the failure of the traditional methods. But the question is, are these parties really ready for this entitlement?
Regarding the official number of candidates who applied for their candidacy in the Ministry of Interior, Shams El-Din confirms that the number does not exceed the fingers of a hand.
So, for a population eager to change the corrupt political class to enjoy a better future and a system that loves to impoverish its citizens and rob them of everything, the ballot boxes and the correct voting will be the only way, to snatch the life jacket of the authority, and drown the pillars of this system in the sea of ​​their corruption.