| 3 March 2024, Sunday |

Will public workers get paid?

A soldier, like others, it is difficult for him to organize his daily affairs. His ability to facilitate mechanisms is contrary to his capabilities to facilitate the affairs of himself and his dependents.
He tries to apply the law in the street to the people in light of the threat of the law of the jungle to dominate the country,
The same law that prevents him from disclosing to the media…
The military did not join the strike of the Public Administration Employees Association,
But the threat of salary delays includes them
The threat posed by the strike of employees responsible for transferring pensions to banks,
Salaries do not stop their lives after being eroded by the collapse.

The state is out of work here,
Neither imports nor imports,
The Cabinet is awaiting the reopening of the door to the import money,
To open the door to the possibility of doubling the salaries,
The promise was moved until after the budget was approved in light of the fees and revenues that would be collected.

Giving a daily transportation allowance for the actual attendance of ninety-five 95 thousand pounds,
The association described it as the equivalent of an aspirin to treat a terminal illness.

Employees were left to their fate and left public facilities.
And the authority’s talk about the necessity of collecting resources from daily work does not convince them.
They do not see the rescue unless the state recovers a part, even a small part, of the looted, wasted or smuggled money.

  • Sawt Beirut International