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Will Saudi Arabia forgive Information Minister George Kordahi and end the crisis?

It has become absolutely clear that the diplomatic crisis between Saudi Arabia and Lebanon is deeper than the remarks of Information Minister George Kordahi.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia had previously sent several signs of displeasure about Lebanon’s foreign and domestic policy that supports Hezbollah’s policy. Kordahi’s remarks came after Former Foreign Minister Charbel Wehbe’s remarks to worsen relations between the two countries.

Since the formation of Mikati’s government, Saudi Arabia has refrained from aiding Lebanon and is not interested in Mikati’s visit to the Kingdom, and considers dialogue with the government to be futile because of Hezbollah’s control.

Following the withdrawal process of the Saudi ambassador and UAE diplomats and expelling the ambassadors of Lebanon from Kuwait, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, a rescue cell was formed for the crisis, which was mourned by Foreign Minister Abdullah Bou Habib after its only and orphan meeting.

It is not surprising that the rescue cell failed despite resorting to the United States as a mediator, when it seems clear that the ministers are divided within the government over this crisis.

The Minister of Public Works Ali Hamieh has published a tweet supporting Kordahi, and concluded it by saying: “What is life without a pause of glory?”

In response to his tweet, the Minister of Public Health Firas Abiad, wrote: “It is true that life is a pause of glory, and it is also a pause of loyalty.”

The Minister of Environment, Nasser Yassin, said: “Nations are not run by “heroic” tweets and illusions of victories.”

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Will Saudi Arabia forgive George Kordahi?

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