| 28 October 2021, Thursday |

Will suggested law of 16 months salary instead of 12 per year, be approved?

With the issuance of the fuel price installation schedule, which included a significant increase in the prices of gasoline, diesel, and domestic gas, exceeding 20 thousand Lebanese pounds, the head of the General Federation of Lebanese Trade Unions, Maroun Al-Khawli, considered that the government did not take any governmental action, that would ease the negatives and repercussions of these huge increases on the citizen’s life.
Khawli said, “We will give the government one month to find solutions, as toput an end to the deterioration, otherwise we will go to a popular solution, and bring it down in the street.
The Index Committee is scheduled to start holding its first session next week, to set an indication for wage correction. What are the practical and applicable proposals, and is the state or the private sector able to raise wages, at the same rate as the price of the food basket, housing, transportation, hospitalization, and education?
To comment on this topic, the researcher in the International Information, Muhammad Shams Al-Din, joins us.