| 13 April 2024, Saturday |

Will the 1,000 LBP become extinct?

With the start of the crisis and the massive collapse of the Lebanese currency, the 250 LBP coin was lost. Also, the 500 LBP is worth, as these coins lost their purchasing power.

It seems that the 1,000 Lebanese pound banknote is also following this path, as some large stores that have several branches in Lebanon refuse large numbers of these notes.

Café and shop owners are complaining about running out of 1,000-pound banknotes.

When the citizen enters to buy a commodity or the customer wants to pay a bill, the store owner requires him not to pay the 1,000-lira “fritage,” i.e. the bill is preferably chiffre rond.

Based on this reality, how many thousand and a thousand and a thousand enter the boxes, who benefits from them and who calculates and checks?! And does any store have the right to refuse one of the Lebanese currency denominations?
According to economists, according to the law, no one may refuse to pay the price of goods or services in Lebanese pounds, regardless of their categories, considering that some shop owners do not know the details of the law, and any complaint against them exposes their stores to closure. They also stress that even if the prices are in dollars, the customer has the right to pay in dollars or pounds. Rotating invoice numbers is also against the law.

  • Sawt Beirut International