| 24 May 2024, Friday |

Will the country open during Eid al-Fitr?

The state cannot completely cut off oxygen to the institutions because this will lead to mass destruction, with this phrase the economic bodies and the owners of restaurants and cafes denounced ant decision  to keep working with the general closure and curfew during the holidays, which had already led to the deprivation of private institutions of some of the income they desperately need, especially since The last week of the month of Ramadan is considered an important season for shopping on the occasion of Eid Al-Fitr, and shops await it annually for consumption, demanding to allow the opening of shops after Iftar during this week to make room for institutions and commercial markets to take advantage of this expected season every year.

One of the restaurant owners called through “Sawt Beirut International” for equality between all Lebanese regions so that the sector could breathe, and said, “This sector is the only outlet for all people. There are 200,000 people who benefit from . The closure at Eater affected the entire tourism sector, at a time when there are tourist institutions that open their doors in the north and south, so the emphasis is only on the capital, Beirut.

The owners of restaurants and cafes believe that it is the government’s duty, with the significant decrease in the number of Corona infected and deaths, to allow institutions to work to avoid their total collapse , and a restaurant owner said to the correspondent of “Sawt  Beirut International,” Ghida Jabili, “We hope the governor and the mayor of Beirut will allow all restaurants that are not entitled to work Outdoor to open, as owners of establishments, we have relative ideas that we will present to the governor, and we hope that it will get a positive feedback. In all foreign countries, restaurants have been allowed to set tables on the sidewalk, so if we want to build the tourism sector, an incubating environment must be secured for it.

Lebanon is going through a very difficult period as a result of the financial and economic crisis, in addition to the state’s failure in fulfilling  its duties during the period of general mobilization and closure in terms of providing economic and social aid to support the resilience of institutions and families, as all countries of the world have done. Will the Supreme Defense Council reconsider the general closure decision during Eid Al-Fitr?