| 26 May 2024, Sunday |

Will the decision to deport Bahrain’s opponents remain ink on paper? 

Nearly two weeks have passed after Jeddah’s statement and the joint Gulf statement concerning the crisis with Lebanon, but Lebanon’s official position remains the same. Both the President of the Republic and the government expresses rhetorical positions that have no practical translation.

Even the remarkable and unprecedented measure that the Minister of Interior pledged to his Bahraini counterpart, to deport the non-Lebanese members of the Bahraini Al-Wefaq association out of Lebanon, has not yet gone into implementation. Although Mawlawi has sent a letter to the General Security asking it to implement the deportation decision.

The main problem behind implementing this decision is that the non-Lebanese members of the association are hosted by Hezbollah in the suburb. This issue was brought to the table of the Central Security Council meeting, in addition to the issue of the arrest warrant issued by Judge Tarek Bitar against former Minister Ali Hassan Khalil.

Although this memorandum was deliberately postponed to January after the return of immunities and the entry of Parliament into its regular session, it remains in place amid information that the Director-General of the Internal Security Forces transferred it to the State Security apparatus affiliated with the President of the Republic to implement it, throwing the ball into the court of President Aoun.

The latter will be embarrassed, especially after it became known that he refused to pursue the head of the State Security Apparatus and prevented the Supreme Defense Council from giving permission to summon him by Judge Bitar.

Each team tries to throw the arrest warrant ball at the other, even the attorney general of the Court of Cassation, Judge Imad Qabalan, delayed sending the warrant to the Security Forces, knowing that he received it on 12/10, that is, before the immunities were forfeited due to the Parliament’s entry into the special session, and Judge Qabalan sent it to the Security Forces a month after the request of Judge Bitar.

  • Sawt Beirut International