| 22 May 2024, Wednesday |

Will the economic meltdown deal a dreadful blow to schools and associations of children for special needs

The founders of associations and schools for children with special needs in Lebanon have always suffered from logistical, social, and economic pitfalls that undermine their educational experience.

These pitfalls increased amid the deterioration of the economic situation in Lebanon. Due to this reality, Some of the associations failed to complete their mission, the latest of which is one of the most prominent Lebanese schools for children with autism, 123 for Autism, which announced the closure of its doors until the situation improves.

The majority of schools in Lebanon, at least public ones, are still inadequate to accommodate students with special needs. The shortcomings are related to the lack of appropriate means, equipment, qualified special education teachers, and here emerges the need to find quick and constructive solutions to save this category.

Difficulties are prevailing among the entire educational sector, as it is subjected to integrated setbacks. However, the surprise was the announcement of an educational plan with unplanned and incomplete steps.

  • Sawt Beirut International