| 5 February 2023, Sunday |

Will the prices of vegetables and fruits decrease due to the export crisis?

The Ministry of Public Works and Transport intends to impose a sum of money on the occupancy of marine public properties estimated at 5 million square meters between fill and water bodies, as there are 1,141 occupancy of public marine property, of which 1,068 are illegal.

Minister Ali Hamiyeh announced that he expects to collect an amount of money for the benefit of the Lebanese state treasury exceeding 1200 billion Lebanese pounds, noting that “he is in the process of announcing a book of conditions to launch an auction for leasing and investing marine public properties and amending the decree that was based on 1500 dollars, and the aim is to increase the revenues of the Lebanese state and preserving the marine tourism business in Lebanon”.

Among the economic repercussions of Lebanon’s crisis with the Gulf states, specifically Saudi Arabia, is the halting of Lebanese exports, which depend 45 percent on the Gulf market.

Vegetables and fruits received a fatal blow, as the largest percentage of them are exported to the Gulf countries.

What is the fate of the surplus agricultural production with the cessation of exports, and will prices decrease locally?