| 27 May 2024, Monday |

Will the private sector save the Lebanese by importing the vaccine?

Finally, the private sector was allowed to import the vaccine, the import mechanism and how to obtain the vaccine, explained by journalist Walid al-Hussein to the correspondent of “Voice of Beirut International,” Mahasin Mursal, where he said, “The matters are only organizational. A platform will be created so that institutions can register the names of those wishing to receive the vaccine. It all depends on the vaccine arrival next week. Al-Hussein considered that“ the private sector initiatives are to fill the gap in the Ministry of Health’s inability to import enough vaccines. ”Regarding the price of the vaccine, he replied,“ It seems that there is a discrepancy, some companies will sell it for $ 55 for the two doses, while Jacques Sarraf announced that it will be sold. At 38 dollars for two doses, it is the price of the cost.

Al-Hussein pointed out that “the previous decision of the Ministry of Health, through which it allowed the private sector to import the vaccine, vaccination was limited to institutions, which will speed up the vaccination process, but at the same time it will affect who will receive the vaccine before others,” and stressed that “Lebanon is still within the emergency use of the vaccine. “.

All hopes are pinned on the private sector to enable all Lebanese to receive the vaccine, because the state, unfortunately, is in a coma.