| 20 April 2024, Saturday |

Will tourists’ dollars return in any good to Lebanon?

The government, not even the Ministry of Tourism, is not the only one that counts on the arrivals and tourists coming to Lebanon in terms of what they bring in fresh dollars to support the economy,… even the owners of professions, hotels, restaurants and cafes are eagerly waiting for their arrival in order to change something from the black reality we live in…

At a time when Lebanon is considered the most expensive living for its residents and citizens.. Expatriates and tourists who own green currency consider it the cheapest compared to other countries.. With the heavy traffic that Beirut airport is witnessing, Lebanon is waiting for three to four billion dollars, equivalent to the value of the support that it He aspires to get it from the International Monetary Fund. Will these dollars improve the exchange rate in Lebanon? Or will you change anything?

So, in the long run, these dollars may not change anything in the economy and the situation of the country, so the question remains, where will the expatriate dollars go? And what is her fate? ”

Perhaps what the state expects most from tourists is not the health of its children, but dollars and green currency at a time when the people are waiting from their visitors for bags of medicines and supplies, which have become a dream in Lebanon…

  • Sawt Beirut International