| 30 November 2022, Wednesday |

Will Tuesday’s battle be “mother of all battles”?

As the parliamentary leadership elections are over, attention is turning to the second parliamentary election set for the electoral session set by Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri next Tuesday, which is represented in electing members of the permanent parliamentary committees and defining their chairmen and rapporteurs.
According to indicators of the atmosphere prior to the committee election session, the House of Representatives is on a date with a fierce competition to win the largest number of joint committees.
In parallel, consultations are intensifying between the independent and change deputies, to contest this entitlement with the highest degree of coordination and readiness.
What did MP Alan Aoun reveal about the efforts made in this regard?
In addition, circulating information revealed that the “changeable and sovereign” blocs will seek to make the parliamentary committee elections the “mother of all battles” to prove their existence and to compensate for the loss they suffered in the session of electing the speaker, his deputy and members of the council’s office.

  • Sawt Beirut International