| 24 May 2024, Friday |

Winter 2022, Lebanon’s roads lakes and swamps, Prepare boats and canoes

Like every year, while the of Lebanon’s dams are dried and barren, and while you hear the echoes of water tanks emptiness, the roads of Lebanon are drowning Eastly, to match the scenery of the sea, Westerly. … Here cars turn into boats, and we practice swimming in winter. So, will this year be repeated a thousand times?

So, the problem is not with the state and its negligence, it is also the responsibility of the people.

“God does not fix what is in a people until they fix what is in themselves.”

This waste dumped on the outskirts of the roads will return to you many times over, and repay you as you sink in its water. What is required is awareness campaigns for citizens to be the state, as the state is mired in lakes of corruption.