| 21 April 2024, Sunday |

” With a bat”.. This is how a Minister suggested Ghada Aoun should be punished

Judge Ghada Aoun was indifferent to the Supreme Judicial Council’s statement, which confirmed the Public Prosecutor’s decision that bans her from dealing with the financial files. She continued to hold the files of Mkattaf exchange company. She stormed the building after dozens of supporters of the Free Patriotic Movement removed the external gate, and  she succeeded in transferring documents and computers. .

Former Minister of Justice Charles Rizk described what happened yesterday in an interview with “Voice of Beirut International” correspondent Ghida Jabili, saying, “ What happened yesterday was the( hair that split the camel’s back),” adding, “We will wait a long time to see Lebanese or foreigners who have confidence to invest in Lebanon,” considering “Ghada Aoun does not know what she is doing. She is a caretaker, and what she is doing harms the Lebanese economy, (she deserves to be beaten with a bat on her back ), the economy cannot recover if errings are not punished

According to information, Aoun relied on the fact that she had not been officially informed of any decision and that what was issued by the Supreme Judicial Council was a statement and not a decision and that she was following the progress of a file she has already begun investigating. Rizk said, “Raymond Eddeh, the great man in the Lebanese economy, contributed to banking secrecy, so what bank secrecy when Aoun kicked the door and entered and took files and computers? And we do not know what she is doing with it. And about Aoun’s not been informed, Rizk commented:” I knew and she did not know? Where is the common sense. We all know that she is “ no one” and they are also “ no one” but there is that “ someone” who stands behind both of them.

Information indicates that the Supreme Judicial Council contacted Judge Aoun during her break-in and asked her to leave, but she refused, and next week a meeting will be held to take action against her. This judge is suspended from her authorities, she came with members of the state security, what authority do they have to accompany her? Where is the state security director? How does he send them? He also must be punished

Rizk asked, “Is this the way to fight corruption? They are trying to turn people’s anger.”

Judge Ghada Aoun attended the security meeting in Baabda Palace, where the President of the Republic called on the security forces to respect freedom of expression, stressing the importance of criminal scrutiny. The Minister of Interior talked about the controversial circumstances that occurred in the Aoukar area, considering that the security forces acted within the scope of security control regarding not attacking private and public properties, while Aoun stressed on not repeating what happened.