| 30 November 2021, Tuesday |

“Women are not a Missing Letter”

We always hear the phrase “women are half the society,” until this slogan has become a kind of “cliché.”
This saying is not applied in political and economic life, as women are almost absent in decision-making positions, and absent from dialogue tables.
The United Nations Women’s Authority in Lebanon, launched the “Women’s Not a Missing Letter” campaign on social networking sites, and developed an application that includes writings that lack letters, and once the participant republishes it or presses the like button, the tweet appears.
In Lebanon, according to an international study of information, the number of women parliamentarians in 2018 reached only 6 out of 128 members.
Campaigns supporting women’s participation are many, but their effect is weak.
Does the United Nations support women economically to reach the highest positions? In a masculin society, money is the first obstacle.
You are not inferior, and without you, peace is lost in society. “The missing peace” is an awareness campaign that swept social networking sites, in the hope that women will sweep decision-making positions.