| 29 February 2024, Thursday |

Work interruption at inspection centers, a major threat to automotive industry

Work was forcibly halted at inspection centers in Lebanon about two weeks ago, which means that all citizen transactions, particularly car registration, have ceased. The reason for this is a shortage of paper supplies needed to complete the transactions.

An official administration collects billions of Lebanese pounds per week, which comes to a halt due to a shortage of supplies, particularly paper. This is the case in the inspection centers, where even a few cars sold in the face of the suffocating economic crisis aided the owners of showrooms and car importing companies in overcoming the difficult crisis that hit all sectors.

The Lebanese Syndicate of Car Showroom Owners believes that the main reason behind such an issue was the high exchange rate of the dollar and the interruption of electricity to the building and offices.

The question that arises is, where are the benefactor’s fee funds?

Two weeks after the forced closure, this heinous problem must be addressed as soon as possible, and the Syndicate of Car Showroom Owners in Lebanon, of course, plays a significant and effective role in reviving an official administration that collects billions of pounds per week.

As a result, failure to address this issue quickly and urgently is considered neglect and disregard for state revenues, citizens, and private institutions, and we unfortunately see this in many official centers.

According to sources, the atmosphere is ready for the official exams, and the teachers’ money and other necessities such as papers and other items are secure. The Army Command was tasked by the Ministry of Education with preparing the necessary publications, whether they were nominations, used papers, or certificates. It will be paid for through the exchange rate platform as well as through donor funds. Additionally, the funds required for teachers are secured from donor funds, but the payment mechanism has yet to be defined.

  • Sawt Beirut International