| 1 October 2022, Saturday |

“Yellow flag” party, “Orange” Movement: Corrupt people claiming reforms!

Four months ahead of the legislative elections, Gebran Bassil is attempting to portray himself as a hero while convincing the people that he does not entirely connect with Hezbollah. In his final statement, he admitted that the Mar Mikhael agreement reached between the movement and the party had failed to build the state and that it required further development in order to achieve reforms.

What kind of reform is Gebran Bassil referring to? How can two corrupt parties achieve change and establish a state of openness and law? As a reminder, the Free Patriotic Movement is directly responsible for the waste of more than thirty billion dollars in the electrical industry as a result of its corruption policies. Its partner Hezbollah is also responsible for defrauding the national treasury of billions of euros by supporting smugglers through illegal crossings and depriving Lebanese customs of vast sums of money by establishing a protective umbrella for traffickers.

As a result, the two groups apply the proverbial phrase to them: “Doctor, cure yourself first.” Bassil also tackled the problem of Hezbollah’s weaponry, where he asked for it to be included in state policy without the purpose of removing it.

What exactly is this non-deceiving lie? Why is one political party allowed to have its armed militia when all militias were disarmed more than thirty years ago? Is there a place in the globe where there are two weapons: one legitimately held by the state and one illegally owned by a political party?

So, Mr. Gebran, reconsider your statements once more. And make sure that the state you profess to want and seek cannot be established as long as another state competes for it, and as long as this statelet is stronger than the state due to your present and… people like you!!

  • Sawt Beirut International