| 22 May 2024, Wednesday |

You will not believe the price of one pine nut!

Who would have believed that one kilo of pine nuts would cost one million one hundred and fifty thousand Lebanese pounds? The farmers consider that nothing justifies this insane rise, especially since the pine is a local production and does not need any requirements in terms of agricultural care. One farmer told “Voice of Beirut International” correspondent Ghassan Farran that the pine does not cost any money. It does not even needs fertilizer or any specific care. Therefore, its price should not increase, especially the local one. ”

The high price of pine nuts is not only due to the currency difference, but the main reason, as explained by one of its vendors, which began about 8 months ago, i.e. with the beginning of the revolution, when it began to be exported abroad, especially to Qatar, and its price rose by about 12 percent, last year its price was about $ 60, today it is sold at about $ 70, this is in addition to the greed of merchants. ”He added,“ The price of pistachios before the crisis was 23 dollars, or 35 thousand pounds, today,  it is sold for 12 dollars, which means that it has increased 42 percent, although it is imported, but because of the currency difference, it is sold for 200 thousand pounds. ”

The price of a pine nut is about 300 Lebanese pounds, and its price may increase even more, as it is white gold at this stage.

So, it is no longer only the imported goods that constitute a living complex for the Lebanese, but the local production “ the Lebanese pound son”  as well, that is now priced in dollar, so, where are we heading to?