| 3 October 2022, Monday |

Youssef waits the death of his body at any moment

Don’t be deceived by the luxurious buildings of Beirut or its wide streets, because behind these buildings are alleys that defy the imagination and the cruelty of hearts. Here the imagination stops within the limits of poverty, and the cruel heart softens.

In Corniche El-Mazraa, consciousness is broken and the superego is defeated in the subconscious. Youssef Khalil never expected that the remaining 10% of his lung would stop working soon unless he had a surgery.

Sawt Beirut International visited him in what looks like a house. Youssef was thrown into the well by his brothers, speaking from under the mask of oxygen and from above the peaks of dignity.

His children are near him, accumulating in their subconscious mind pain. He lives with them tomorrow, and kills in them the memories of yesterday.

Youssef, with his remaining lung, belongs to Hariri’s house, to the legacy of Rafic, who pumped the oxygen of life into Lebanon until his lungs recovered from love and knowledge. That’s why the house remains faithful, breathing faithfully, hoping that its stifled voice will reach from under the mask to all parts of the house that he loves, and to the living conscience forever.

  • Sawt Beirut International