| 13 April 2024, Saturday |

16 planes from UAE, Iraq, Russia and Libya with relief for quake victims

16 planes from the United Arab Emirates, Iraq, Russia, and Libya arrived at Damascus, Lattakia, and Aleppo airports carrying relief supplies for those affected by the earthquake that struck Syria on February 16th.

According to SANA’s reporter, three Emirati planes arrived at Damascus International Airport, the first with 87 tons of food and clothing, the second with 24 tons and 160 kilograms of foodstuffs, blankets, and clothing, and the third with 15 tons and 170 kilograms of relief materials, including medical beds and mattresses for field hospitals.

A Russian aid plane carrying 15 tons of foodstuffs and clothes for those affected by the earthquake also arrived at Damascus International Airport.

In a statement to reporters, the representative of the Russian Emergencies Ministry, said that this Russian plane was the first to arrive at Damascus International Airport, carrying more than 15 tons of humanitarian aid, including blankets, tents, clothes and food provided by the Russian people.

He added that two planes will arrive at Damascus airport on Sunday and Monday, in parallel with four planes to Lattakia airport.

For his part, the Director of the Consular Section at the Russian Embassy in Damascus, Consul Roslav Markov, affirmed the solidarity of the Russian people and their standing by the Syrian people in their ordeal.

Markov extended thanks to the Syrian Embassy in Moscow, which provided all the organizational, logistic and administrative assistance to collect this aid and send it to Syria.

Meanwhile, 4 Emirati planes arrived landed in Lattakia International Airport, the first was carrying 26 tons, the second 38 tons of food and relief supplies, the third 23 tons of relief material, and the fourth 50 tons of relief supplies for those affected by the earthquake, according to Director of the Airport, Engineer Ziyad al-Tawil.

An Iraqi relief plane, accompanied by a high-ranking official delegation, also arrived at Lattakia International Airport, followed by two Iraqi planes carrying relief supplies for those affected by the earthquake.

A Russian aid plane also arrived at Lattakia International Airport, carrying 37 tons of aid for the-quake affected people.

Two Libyan planes also arrived at Lattakia airport, the first carrying 40 tons of food and relief material, and the second came from Benghazi carrying 21 tons of medical equipment and food aid for those affected by the earthquake.

Two Emirati planes arrived at Aleppo International Airport on Monday, the first was carrying 13 and a half tons of humanitarian, food and medical aid, while the second plane was carrying 28 tons of foodstuffs for quake-affected people.


    Source: SANA