| 20 April 2024, Saturday |

18 killed in renewed tribal violence in Sudan’s West Darfur

Some 18 people have been killed and 54 injured as a result of renewed tribal violence in West Darfur State, Sudan, the West Darfur Doctors’ Committee announced on Monday.

The non-governmental committee said in a statement that “clashes were renewed in the city of El-Geneina, the capital of West Darfur state, on Saturday evening and expanded further since Sunday morning leaving a number of fatalities and injuries.”

The statement indicated that 18 deaths and 54 injuries were recorded, as a result of the ongoing violence since Saturday.

The committee called on the government to intervene, impose the authority of the state, and end the chaotic situation in West Darfur.

Darfur 24 stated that “tribal clashes were reignited for the second day in El-Geneina,” without providing further details.

There was no official announcement regarding the situation.

The committee pointed out that in the middle of last January, violence erupted in El-Geneina due to an armed quarrel between the Masalit and Al-Arab tribes, which led to the death of a Sudanese citizen. They later escalated to claim the lives of 163 people and injured 217 others. No official death toll has been issued.

The two tribes signed an agreement to “halt hostilities” on 13 February in the city of El-Geneina, according to the official Sudan News Agency (SUNA).