| 19 May 2024, Sunday |

24 killed after bus carrying 60 passengers plunges off ‘Devil’s Curve’ in Peru

Peruvian local media reported that a bus carrying 60 passengers plunged off a cliff in northwestern Peru, killing at least 24 people on the spot. The incident took place on Saturday after it departed from Lima and was en route to Tumbes, on the border with Ecuador.

The accident occured at a difficult spot known as ‘Devil’s Curve’ near the town of Organos, police said, reports AFP news agency.

Among the passengers were an unknown number of Haitians, all of whom were admitted to various hospitals in popular resorts El Alto and Mancora, around 1,000 kilometers (620 miles) north of Lima.

Police are investigating what caused the bus to crash even as Peru’s transportation supervisory agency (SUTRAN) in a statement said that early investigations showed the bus appeared to have an up-to-date safety inspection and accident insurance.

The tragedy, involving a bus for the company Q’Orianka Tours Aguila Dorada, occurred in the district of El Alto in the far north of Peru, SUTRAN said.
There has been an increase of Haitian migrants in Peru, though the situation of those on the bus remains unclear.

Accident amidst unrest
The tragedy comes amidst nationwide unrest since the ouster of former president Pedro Castillo—a move that triggered protests across the Andean country.

Earlier, the Congress voted against advancing the elections from 2026 to December 2023, which was one of the protesters’ demands.

Later, President Dina Boluarte urged the Congress to find a way of resolving the political crisis by acceding to snap elections in December.

In seven weeks of demonstrations, around 60 people have been killed in clashes between security forces and protesters.

Apart from that, there has been a shortage of basic amenities even as the prices of fuel and food prices have been increasing.

The country has also been facing shortages in basic products, with increasingly expensive fuel and food prices.

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