| 19 May 2024, Sunday |

35 of 39 trapped at Canada mine finally make it to surface

Finally, 35 of 39 miners, who were trapped at a mine in Ontario, Canada, after ascending about 4,000ft, made it to the surface. They had a grueling half-day climb.

On the detachment of a scoop bucket and blocking of the main transport shaft at Totten mine, in Sudbury, these miners had got trapped deep underground on Sunday.

The miners were forced to scale the network of ladders in secondary shafts. They only got the chance to rest after every 100 metres.

Pascal Boucher, a local union coordinator, told the Sudbury Star, “Everyone has a different physical ability.”

The rescue operation is still underway. “We have older senior employees and much younger employees, who could probably climb it faster,” added Boucher.

Although they were trapped for over 35 hours, the miners had access to water, food and medicine, as per Vale, the Brazilian multinational company, which owns the mine.

They were also able to call family and loved ones.

In a statement, Vale official Gord Gilpin said the company was “relieved and delighted to see these individuals returning to surface safe and sound” after the climb.

“There is no doubt this was and continues to be an exhausting experience. I commend them on their patience and their resolve,” Gilpin added.