| 7 October 2022, Friday |

38 years after end of the Cold War, NATO continues to expand: China to EU

China’s Mission to the European Union said: “Thirty years after the end of the Cold War, NATO continues to expand its geography and range of operations, engage in bloc politics and confrontation. This is not contributing to global security and stability”, backing Russia on its stand that NATO should not enlist new members, China’s mission to the European Union further reiterated its stand.

In a joint statement just ahead of the Beijing Winter Olympics last week, the two sides had opposed the further expansion of NATO.
Russian President Vladimir Putin and the Chinese President had met last week in Beijing before the Winter Olympics as the two leaders cemented ties even as China faces diplomatic boycott by the US, Australia and other nations over its human rights record.
President Putin has repeatedly said the European military alliance should not extend its borders on the eastern front. Kremlin had earlier submitted a security document to NATO and US urging it not to induct former Soviet states into the military group referring to Ukraine.

Russia and China had also expressed concern over the AUKUS defence alliance comprising of the UK, Australia and the United States.
NATO chief General Jens Stoltenberg however hit out at China and Russia asserting that it is not about NATO but it was about “respecting the right of every sovereign nation”.

US has been warning for the past few months that Russia is ready to invade Ukraine with over 100,000 Russian troops massing the border with Ukraine, however, Putin has dismissed reports of an invasion however he has maintained that his troops have the right to move anywhere inside their own territory.

The Biden administration decided to send 5,000 troops to Europe to bolster Ukraine as 2,000 troops arrived in Germany. The US troops will be stationed in Romania and Poland. wionw