| 29 May 2024, Wednesday |

90% of Swedes Have to Be Vaxxed to Stop COVID Delta Strain, Prof Claims

Despite reports of the Delta strain’s higher contagiousness and dwindling efficiency of vaccines, inoculation remains the most effective weapon to prevent major outbreaks.

As much as 90 percent of Sweden’s population, with the exception of the very youngest, must be vaccinated to stop the more contractable Delta strain of the coronavirus, mathematics professor and modelling specialist Tom Britton has maintained.

While most researchers agree that Delta is more transmissible than previous strains, its exact contagiousness is yet to be determined. In his calculations, Tom Britton assumed that Delta is two times as contagious as the previously known strains.

If true, it is necessary to vaccinate significantly more people to obtain at least a chance to stop the infection, he maintained.

“If we are to get an immunity that is around 80 percent, we must vaccinate around 90 percent of the population. Then the vaccination has to go down in age, starting from 12”, Britton told national broadcaster SVT, suggesting that this will be difficult.

According to him, the current vaccination level of 50 percent will demand further prophylactic measures in place in order to prevent major outbreaks.

Despite reports of waning vaccine efficiency from across the globe, Sweden has been betting on continued inoculation and is preparing a rollout of third shots, also known as boosters, later this year.

“Other strains have also infected fully vaccinated people, no vaccine is 100-percent safe”, Sara Byfors of the Swedish Public Health Agency told SVT.

While severe COVID-19 complications among kids have been extremely rare, they are increasingly being included in inoculation campaigns to boost overall vaccination rates. The vaccination of children of various ages is already running in several countries, including the US, France, Spain, the Netherlands, and Finland.

Sweden, a nation of over 10 million, has so far seen 1.12 million COVID-19 cases with close to 15,000 fatalities.

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