| 24 May 2024, Friday |

Abu Dhabi Police seize 816kg of narcotics in major drugs bust

Abu Dhabi Police seized 816 kilograms of narcotic substances and thwarted a major drug trafficking ring that involved 142 people of various nationalities.

Dealers were caught after an extensive investigation that tracked the traffickers who used social media to lure young people in the UAE.

The traffickers who were caught have been handed over to judicial authorities, police said.

Brig Gen Taher Al Dhaheri, director of the anti-narcotics division, said the anti-narcotics team monitored the online presence of the traffickers, who sent photos, videos and audio messages promoting drugs and promising delivery within the country.

He said the gang leaders, to prevent being tracked, used international phone numbers to send out messages.

After a thorough investigation, the anti-narcotics forces tracked the leaders while they were planning delivery locations for the contraband.

Further details of the drug seizure have not been revealed.

Brig Gen Al Dhaheri said the countrywide swoop had dealt a severe blow to the networks, which were managed by drug bosses outside the country.

The aim of the drug dealers was to target the youth in the country and manipulate them by getting them addicted to narcotics, he said.

The department will continue to disable the drug networks, dismantle overseas supply lines and strike at traffickers.

  • The National News