| 3 March 2024, Sunday |

Abu Dhabi removes PCR test rules for entry from other emirates

Abu Dhabi government announced on Saturday, that people entering the capital from other emirates are no longer required to get tested for coronavirus.

The move comes into effect on Sunday.

Officials said the decision was made after the recent drop in cases in Abu Dhabi. As of last week, just 0.2 percent of people tested were found to have the coronavirus. Since July 2, 2020, anyone driving into Abu Dhabi has had to show police at the border they have had a recent PCR test and are negative for the virus.

Nationwide, cases have dropped significantly, to as few as 500 a day. Last week, the government said 80 per cent of the population were fully vaccinated.

“The decision follows the announcement of a decreased Covid-19 infection rate in the emirate of 0.2 per cent of total tests and the activation of the green pass system to enter some public places,” Abu Dhabi’s Government Media Office said.

“The committee will continue to monitor infection rates and urges all citizens, residents and visitors to continue adhering to precautionary measures to protect public health and safety, maintain successes and advance the nation’s sustainable recovery.”

In a separate announcement, the Abu Dhabi Emergency, Crisis and Disasters Committee said people entering the capital from abroad, including arrivals at the airport, will no longer need to wear an electronic wristband during home quarantine. Positive cases must still wear a wristband.

“The committee has approved continued strict adherence to home quarantine procedures and required testing schedules based on personal responsibility, as well as monitoring by healthcare systems to ensure compliance with precautionary measures. Violators will be reported to the Attorney-General,” it added.

Although people entering Abu Dhabi from Dubai no longer need to show a test result, they are still required to have the ‘green status” on the Al Hosn app to enter many public places.

Security staff at public buildings, malls, restaurants and venues will check that entrants have a green pass.

People who are fully vaccinated against coronavirus remain green as long as they have a PCR test once every 30 days. People who are unvaccinated must be tested every three days to remain green.