| 15 April 2024, Monday |

Abu Hamza Al-Amri … the most prominent ISIS translator is threatened with 20 years imprisonment

Newsweek magazine reported that a 31-year-old American might be behind bars for 20 years for promoting the terrorist organization ISIS.

Officials said that the trial of Benjamin Alan Carpenter, a resident of Knoxville County, Tennessee, will begin on the first of next June.

The US authorities had arrested Carpenter, known as “Abu Hamza,” on March 24th, on charges of attempting to provide material support to ISIS, noting that he was responsible for translating the terrorist group’s propaganda material into English.

The Ministry of Justice said that Carpenter, was the head of what is known as the “publications of the people of Tawheed,” which were dedicated to translating and disseminating the organization’s media content.

Prosecutors reported that Carpenter contacted a federal agent who believed he was linked to ISIS, pointing out that “Abu Hamza” provided that agent with some translated propaganda material promoting the terrorist organization.

“Newsweek” explained that the promotion of ISIS contributed to many Americans joining that organization or embracing its militant ideas and sympathizing with them.

In August 2015, the official ISIS propaganda media published more than 700 articles in one month, but by August 2016, this number had decreased to less than 200 items per month due to the prosecutions by the competent US authorities.

Nevertheless, the terrorist group continues to recruit people born in the United States. Last week, the Justice Department charged an American couple with “conspiracy to provide material support to a foreign terrorist organization” while trying to board a ship bound for Yemen with the intention of joining ISIS.

The accused were James Bradley, 20, of New York, and his wife, Arwa Muthanna, 29, of Alabama, the ministry said.