| 29 February 2024, Thursday |

Afghan government preparing for whatever decision US takes on troop pullout, official says

The Afghan government believes that only the United States can decide when to pull troops from the country and leave Kabul in charge of its own security, a senior presidential adviser told Sputnik on Thursday.

“We, as the Afghan government, are trying to make sure that we are on our feet, that our forces are defending out people. So, the decision of withdrawal is of the United States, not us,” Nader Nadery said in Moscow.

US President Joe Biden said Wednesday that the withdrawal could still happen by May 1 but warned that meeting the deadline would be “tough.” The Taliban militancy reacted by threatening the US with consequences if it failed to stick to the agreed timeline.

Nadery, an Afghan government negotiator at the Moscow conference on Afghan peace, noted that the US troop withdrawal was conditions-based. The US and NATO are considering whether conditions set in the Doha agreement have been met.

  • Sputnik