| 25 February 2024, Sunday |

After graffiti abusing Kim Jong Un appears, North Korea checks handwritings to nab writer

After a graffiti appeared calling Kim Jong Un, a ‘son of a b****’, the North Korean officials are not leaving any stone unturned to find the person, who has written it.
To find the writer, the officials are demanding samples of handwriting from thousands of residents in Pyongyang.
On the walls of an apartment building in the Pyongchon district, a message, “Kim Jong Un, you son of a b****. The people are starving to death because of you”, had appeared on December 22, said news site Daily NK.
The local officials soon scrubbed it off the walls. Now, the police are looking to track down the perpetrator.
The officers are going from door to door in nearby homes and businesses to take handwriting samples and question locals about the movements on the day the message had appeared.
This comes as the country is facing severe crisis due to a famine, which has become worse due to recent flooding and the closure of the northern border with China due to the pandemic.
At this time, the ruling Workers’ Party of Korea is also holding high-level meetings in the capital.
The cops are also using the CCTV cameras installed throughout the city to find the culprit.