| 23 February 2024, Friday |

After launching barrage of missiles, North Korea fires over 100 artillery rounds at maritime border

Over 100 artillery rounds were fired by North Korea into the maritime border, hours after launching a volley of missiles in the early morning, South Korea’s military said on Wednesday.
“North Korea fired around 100 artillery rounds from the Kosong area in Kangwon into the ‘buffer zone’ north of the Northern Limit Line,” Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) Kang Shin-chul said, referring to the maritime border between the two Koreas, reports AFP news agency.
The JCS said that the firing was in violation of the 2018 peace agreement, called the Panmunjom Declaration which talked of establishing military trust and securing peace and cooperation in the West Sea zones.
Earlier in the day, South Korea said that its northern neighbour launched missiles of various types that landed near the disputed maritime border and close to South Korean waters for the first time.
South Korean military in response fired three air-to-ground missiles into the same area of the maritime border.
Of those North Korean missiles, three were short-range ballistic missiles that were fired from the North Korean coastal area of Wonsan into the sea.
Another missile landed 26 kilometres south of the Northern Limit Line (NLL), a disputed inter-Korean maritime border. One of the missiles landed 57 kilometres from the South Korean city of Sokcho, on the east coast, while the other one landed 167 kilometres north-west of Ulleung, the JCS said.
South Korean President Yoon Suk-yeol, who chaired a meeting of the National Security Council after the launch, said breaching the Northern Limit Line was “effectively a territorial invasion” and “swift and stern measures so that North Korea’s provocations pay a clear price.”
On Tuesday, North Korea warned that it would retaliate with “powerful” measures against the joint announced by US and South Korea.


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