| 19 June 2024, Wednesday |

After lawmakers’ appeal, Iran judiciary speaks tough

The Iranian judiciary has said that it will deal firmly with anyone who causes disruption or commits crimes, just days after Iran’s lawmakers urged country’s courts to rein in the ‘rioters’.
The Islamic republic has been rocked by protests after the custodial death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini. She was detained by Iran’s morality police for ‘inappropriate’ attire.
This kicked off series of nationwide protests that have sustained for eight weeks. They have also begun to take form of anti-regime protests. The protests are proving to be a challenge for Iran’s clerical leaders.
“Now, the public, even protesters who are not supportive of riots, demand from the judiciary and security institutions to deal with the few people who have caused disturbances in a firm, deterrent and legal manner,” judiciary spokesman Masoud Setayeshi said.
Iranian regime has largely denounced the protesters. They are often called ‘rioters’ by the leaders. This includes Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi.
The activist HRANA news agency said 321 protesters had been killed in the unrest as of Monday, including 50 minors. Thirty-eight members of the security forces had also been killed, it said.
State media said last month that more than 46 members of the security forces, including police officers, had been killed. Government officials have not provided an estimate of any wider death count.

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