| 27 May 2024, Monday |

After missile launch, North Korea’s Kim Jong-Un signals intent to restore inter-Korean hotline

After the hypersonic missile test by Kim Jong-Un’s regime this week, the US said it has “no hostile intent” toward North Korea

The US administration asserted that it was ready for “serious and sustained diplomacy” in order to make “tangible progress”.

North Korea’s state-run KCNA meanwhile reported that Kim Jong-Un had declared in the country’s parliament that he is ready to reopen the inter-Korean hotline next month. The hotline was severed last month after North Korea protested against the joint South Korea-US military drill.

Kim Jong-Un asserted that the decision to restart the hotline with South Korea was to “realise the expectations and desire of the entire Korean nation” for recovery and durable peace in cross-border relations.”

Kim, however, once again accused the United States of carrying a “hostile policy” towards the country, even as the United States said it was ready for diplomacy.

Kim said the US offer of talks was a “petty trick”. North Korea had pulled out of talks which were started by former US President Trump. The summit between Kim and Trump collapsed in Hanoi as the denuclearisation issue took centre stage.

The North Korean leader accused the US administration of trying to “deceive” the international community and “hiding its hostile acts”.

President Biden has repeatedly said his government is ready for talks, however, Kim’s regime has been non-committal so far. Meanwhile, the UN Security Council is set to meet on Thursday to discuss the new hypersonic missile launch.

The meeting has been requested by the permanent members of the UNSC – France, Britain and the United States. Reports say it is likely to be a closed-door meeting.