| 17 July 2024, Wednesday |

Air pollution in India’s New Delhi turns ‘severe’, some schools shut

In numerous areas of the Indian capital, the air quality index (AQI) slipped into the “severe” category on Friday, causing residents to awaken to a thick coating of deadly haze and forcing the closure of several schools for two days.

Every winter, Delhi’s 20 million residents suffer from an increase in respiratory ailments as a result of the cold, thick air that traps car emissions, construction dust, and smoke from burning agricultural stubble in neighboring states.

Residents on Friday complained of irritation in the eyes and itchy throats with the air turning a dense grey as the AQI hovered around 480 in some monitoring stations in the city.

An AQI of 0-50 is considered good while anything between 400-500 affects healthy people and is a danger to those with existing diseases.

New Delhi topped a real-time list on Friday of the world’s most polluted cities compiled by Swiss group IQAir which put the India’s capital’s AQI at 611 in the ‘hazardous’ category.

“Unfavourable meteorological conditions, sudden increase in the farm fire incidents and north-westerly winds moving the pollutants to Delhi are the major causes for sudden spike in AQI,” the region’s Commission for Air Quality Management said on Thursday.

Authorities ordered primary, or elementary, schools to remain shut on Friday and Saturday, while most construction work in the region has been suspended.

Some suppliers of air purifier filters in the region said there was a shortage as demand had suddenly spiked.

This year, attention on the worsening air quality has cast a shadow over the cricket World Cup hosted by India, with financial capital Mumbai also suffering from a spike in the pollution levels.

Delhi hosts a World Cup match next on Monday between Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.

Last year, Bhiwadi in northern India was the country’s most polluted city and third in the world, according to IQAir. New Delhi was fourth while Pakistan’s Lahore and China’s Hotan topped the list.

  • Reuters