| 13 April 2024, Saturday |

American newspaper: Biden administration planning to announce a proposal to start talks with Iran

A report by Politico , said that the administration of US President Joe Biden is planning to put forward a new proposal, as soon as this week, aimed at starting talks with Iran on reviving the nuclear deal, in an attempt to break the deadlock over this file.

The report indicates that the proposal comes at a sensitive time, given the expected Iranian escalation in this file during the coming weeks, and the imminent start of the election season in Iran.

A source familiar with the situation said that the US proposal slated for this week is about trying to start talks “between the United States and Iran more than anything else.”

A source clarified that the US offer includes Iran halting some of its nuclear activities, such as using advanced centrifuges, and enriching uranium to a degree of 20 percent, in exchange for Washington easing some economic sanctions.

A senior Biden administration official refused to discuss the details, telling Politico: “We have made it clear that we are ready to seek a mutual return to the agreement … We have also been open to talking with our (international) partners … about the best way to achieve this, including who “During a series of initial and reciprocal steps, we have discussed options to do so, including indirect talks through our European partners.”

The sources also indicate that, earlier this year, Tehran rejected an American proposal it considered “unacceptable”, then presented its own proposal, which was also rejected by the Biden team, saying that it would abort the idea of ​​starting talks.

This rejected offer is summed up in Iran’s access to small sums of frozen assets worth billions of dollars in exchange for a moratorium on uranium enrichment by 20 percent, but Tehran proposed in return to suspend uranium enrichment for a month in exchange for the United States to lift all sanctions imposed on it.

People familiar with the matter said that Biden himself does not seem in a hurry to return to the 2015 agreement, as he realizes that the American public is more preoccupied with the Corona pandemic and the economy, in addition to the fact that the Senate split between Democrats and Republicans gives him less room for maneuver.

The report says Biden is simply seeking to bring Iran back to the negotiating table.

The United States and Iran have been exchanging ideas about how to start negotiations quickly several weeks ago, through mediators in Europe, and not directly, according to Politico.

Foreign Policy magazine, citing unidentified European diplomats, had revealed that British, French and German officials had suggested that the US administration take the initiative to lift part of the sanctions imposed by former President Donald Trump on Iran in preparation for the return to the nuclear deal.